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    Engineering office for railway signalling and control systems

    Scheidt & Bachmann Austria operates an engineering office for railway signalling and control technology in order to provide the know-how expertise for project development, planning and testing in the area of railway crossing safety and to provide customers with access to backup systems.

    With decades of experience in the field of railway safety, Scheidt & Bachmann Austria offers services to operators without own project development, planning and testing departments.

    Our service offer:

    • preparation of reports according to railway law i.d.g.F. under §31a (Application for Building Permit) or §33a (Application for Construction Permit) for railway safety systems
    • advice for railway operators on the use of railway crossing safety systems, interlocking system, automation of rail-bound traffic flow (industrial railways)
    • submission planning of railroad projects
    • implementation planning of railway (safety) technical projects
    • support and advice for railway operators vis-à-vis railway authorities in the case of administrative procedures
    • consultancy on the protection of workers in railway safety system projects
    • technical approval and preparation of audit certificates after completion for the commissioning of railway safety system projects
    • annual inspections of safety systems according to § 39 EisbAV i.d.g.F. (mandatory every year)
    • recurring inspections of safety systems according to § 19a EisbAV. i.d.g.F. (mandatory every 5 years)

    Reports and audit certificates are prepared by a general sworn and court-certified expert.

    Our addressed customers are:

    Train operators who do not have their own planning group or want to outsource certain services with

    • main railways
    • secondary railways
    • private railways
    • sidings railways
    • trams railways
    • museums and nostalgic railways